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Nextant G90XT

Nextant revolutionized the light-jet market by introducing the world’s first remanufactured business jet, and is now doing the same for turboprops with the Nextant G90XT.

Nextant 400XTI

Stay ahead of the competition with the 400XTi light category business jet, available for the price of a private helicopter.

Nextant G90XT

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  • Single lever power control technology for enhanced safety and reduce pilot workload
  • Fully integrated Garmin G1000 flight deck including electronic engine and fuel quantity indication
  • Ultra- low maintenance GE H75 engines for industry leading reliability and performance
  • Digital Pressurization
  • Auto-start and full electronic engine control system
  • Nextant’s best-in-class cabin experience
  • Ergonomically re-designed cockpit
  • Enhanced air conditioning system for ultimate cabin climate control


The GE H75 marks a step up in performance and economy from previous turboprops in its class. The engines operate at higher temperatures and pressures than the competition, which translates into lower fuel burn and higher power output, even in high and hot conditions. Maintenance costs are lower too, thanks to the unique simplified design, advanced manufacturing techniques, and lower TBO cycles that do not require hot section inspections. The cockpit is enhanced with an all-new electronic engine control (EEC), full auto-start capability and direct interface with the aircraft avionics system to further ease pilot workload. The Nextant G90XT will be the first aircraft in the world to feature the EEC. This groundbreaking innovation allows for single lever power control of both the engine and the propeller.

Just like our 400XTi, the Nextant G90XT is all about craftsmanship without compromise. Each Nextant G90XT receives a refined, handcrafted, bespoke interior and striking paint scheme that allows you to admire your own corporate paint scheme while flying! Our cabin will feature a wide range of passenger configurations from executive and VIP to high-density, mixed passenger- cargo utility and air ambulance.

The Nextant G90XT will feature a specifically developed enhanced Garmin G1000 integrated flight instrument system. The uncluttered instrument panel features 3 large landscape oriented LCD screens (two primary flight displays and one oversized multi-function display).

Nextant G90XT

The best in its category, the 400XTi has an improved range of 2003 nautical miles, an operating cost of $2.13 a mile and its very own auxiliary power unit (APU) for that additional flexibility when using technical support services at the airport.

Not only does the 400XTi have impressive performance indicators, the latest Williams FJ44-3AP engines and the Rockwell Collins Pro Line 21™ integrated avionics suite, but it is also built for comfort in flight. With elegance in every detail, the spacious cabin does full justice to the craftsmen behind it. The skilled execution, carefully selected materials and sheer comfort are what make the cabin of the 400XTi an experience worth remembering.

Already known for its flat-floor design and squared oval cross-section, Nextant has added a revolutionary composite shell interior to the 400XTi. These advanced materials give the passenger more space where it’s needed – around the shoulders (an extra 3in/7cm) and head (an extra 2.5in/6cm).

Among many available seating options, the most popular is the three-place divan + four-place club seat, perfect for creating spacious surroundings on the longer stage lengths now available. Just as welcome in minimizing fatigue is the 9dB noise reduction made possible by the cabin’s new acoustic insulation package which cuts ambient noise by nearly 50% and makes the 400XTi by far the quietest in its class.

Nextant’s 400XTi is the only remanufactured business jet in the light category which makes many of its competitors look embarrassingly overpriced with a humble price tag of $5.9 Mln. Once you see the numbers, the difference is clear.

All comparative data based on BCA Purchase and Planning Handbook and Operations Planning Guide. * – 100 nautical mile (115km) alternate. Range based on base model aircraft . ** – Operating cost per miles on IFR 1,000nm mission with four passengers @ per gallon.

Acquisition Price ($) EASA certification  5.90-6.70M 8.70M 8.30M 9.30M N/A
Output Thrust Per Engine 3,050 lbs 3,200 lbs 2,780 lbs 3,400 lbs 3,500 lbs
Long Range Cruise Speed 406 kts 383 kts 350 kts 377 kts 435 kts
High Speed Cruise Speed 460a kts 444 kts 415 kts 444 kts 451 kts
Takeoff Length at MGTOW 3,821 ft 3,136 ft 3,179 ft 3,310 ft 4,688 ft
(Sea Level/ISA Std. Day) 1,165 m 956 m 969 m 954 m 1,426 m
Landing Distance 2,898 ft 2,217 ft 2,421 ft 2,248 ft 2,355 ft
(Four Pax, IFR res*, SL, ISA) 883 m 676 m 738 m 685 m 718 m
Single Engine Climb Rate (ft/min) 845 918 808 858 394
Range (Four Passengers IFR res*) 2,003 nm3,710 km 1,995 nm3,695 km 1,687 nm3,126 km 2,008 nm3,719 km 1,590 nm2,945 km
Acquisition Cost of IFR Range ($) 1,945 / mile 4,080 / mile 4,828 / mile 4,502 / mile 6,670 / mile
Maximum Range 2,160 mi4,000 km 2,080 mi3,852 km 1,913 mi3,543 km 2,035 mi3,769 km 1,684 mi3,119 km
Operating Cost ($)** 2.13 / mile 2.41 / mile 2.73 / mile 2.95 / mile 2.99 / mile
Time to Climb All Engines 16/FL370 14/FL370 15/FL370 14/FL370 15/FL370

Nextant 400XTi

Nextant Aerospace

Nextant Aerospace Announces FortAero Baltic Business Aviation Alliance As Exclusive Sales Agent in Russia, French speaking Europe and CIS.

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